Woman Sentenced 20 Years for Foreclosure Fraud

by San Antonio Attorney

A woman from Prince George’s County forged documents to illegally take ownership of houses and then rent the properties out. She was sentenced to 20 years imprisonment.

According to investigators, Shannon Lee and her two accomplices were able to obtain documents for the deeds of five homes when she was exposed.

She pleaded guilty in just one of the cases filed against her. She refused the state’s attorneys plea deal and will probably be indicted in her eight other fraud cases.

The prosecutors said that one of the real owners of the homes, Laverne Green, was shocked and angry when she saw that there were strangers living in her house. They told her that they were renting the property. When she talked to Shannon Lee, she told her that she purchased the house at a property tax sale.

Lt. Charles Duelley says Lee was an expert in creating fake documents on foreclosed properties. She was a realtor who had developed an extensive fraud by forging documents to acquire deeds to other people’s properties.

Lee targeted properties that were in distress. She would take pictures of the documents posted on the windows. The information that she got, she used them to obtain the deeds. Lee might have other people working with her, according to the investigators. They were planning to seize up to 20 houses and rent them out.

A restitution hearing is scheduled on December 12 to find out how much she has to pay to Laverne Green. The cost will include the expense to evict the people renting the house because they have not yet moved out.

Lt. Duelley encourages residents on a street with a foreclosed property to observe it if possible, most especially if all of a sudden someone moves in the house.

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