Wells Fargo to Forego an Additional $300 Million in Interest

by San Antonio Attorney

Wells Fargo & Co, the mortgage lender sued by the government for “reckless” refinance mortgages practices, said on Tuesday it may forgo $2 billion in interest, which is more than $300 million than earlier estimated.

The lost interest is likely between $1.8 billion and $2 billion in future years, or an estimate of $181 million up to $201 million per year, based on the quarterly regulatory filing of Wells Fargo.

About 36,000 borrowers may avail of lower interest rates, the filing shows. In August, Wells Fargo had estimated that 40,000 may be covered.

This is part of the mortgage settlement deal by five major banks with the federal government and forty-nine states. The $25 billion mortgage settlement, which is the biggest federal-state civil settlement in the history of the United States, concluded in February a 16-month investigation of deceptive foreclosure practices. Bank of America has the biggest financial obligation in the settlement, which is $11.8 billion.

In another filing, the largest home lender in the country stated that its overall exposure to other countries, including non-sovereign entities of Europe, increased 6% to more than $30 billion during the last full quarter. It provided more loans and increased commitments to European governments, like Germany and Austria, and also the United Kingdom, from $2.1 billion in June to $2.3 billion in September, based on the bank’s filing.

Wells Fargo expanded its holdings, which includes debt and equity stock options, with non-sovereign entities from those countries from $26.4 billion in June to $27.9 billion in September.

The lender increased 0.9% to close at $34.32 in NYSE. The shares have in increased 36% in the last 12 months, surpassing the 28% gain in the 24-company KBW Bank Index.

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