Wayne County Risk Foreclosure in 67,000 Sites

by San Antonio Attorney

The county is sending a warning to another 67,000 properties that face the risk of foreclosure in March and would have to initiate auction in the fall should non compliance with their bill occur.

Jones, thriving on a disability check of $750 a month, verbalized that he is aware of the risk of losing his house but he can’t anything about it since he is financially unstable.

Jones has been around for a decade before neither squatting in the house without a toilet installed nor even a heater last 2012.  Jones bought the house when treasury officials initially offered to sell him the home after it was not sold on auction.  The county promoted the same deal for hundreds of potential occupants of unsold properties that year.  The deal hasn’t been done since and they instead hand over unsold properties to the Detroit Land Bank.

Jones has paid all the repair bills for the past few months.  The city has a mortgage value $22,000, charging his taxes at $1,300 a year. According to him, he cannot afford it.

The city lowered its assessments from 5 percent to 20 percent for the last two years.  Officials claim that they continue to give the homes at its most valuable price.  The city does not use the auction sale prices to value properties since this will be viewed as distressed sales.

ACLU of Michigan officials are monitoring sales and a concerned by the huge number of residents in Detroit evicted from homes due to of tax foreclosure, according to Michael J. Steinberg, the group’s legal director, who explained that sales can be due to over-assessed homes.

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