Victim of Convicted Fraudster Files for Bankruptcy

by San Antonio Attorney

Mary Tihema, a 74-year-old grandmother, will not enjoy her benefits as a pensioner due to bankruptcy.

Tihema had no choice but to file for bankruptcy as it was the last resort to resolving a debt indirectly caused by Helen Christine Williams.  Tihema’s debt was worth $13,000 after being conned into filing for a loan last 2013.

Tihema was conned by Williams after she sought help for a personal loan.  Williams paid $4000 as a partial payment of the loan. However, no payments have been made since last year.

The conflict was mediated by the Disputes Tribunal, who concluded that the debt was non-transferable but Williams will still comply with loan payments.

Tihema had no other choice but to declare bankruptcy since she did not have any monetary resources to pay back the debt.  Another burden weighing down on Tihema was the thought that she did not want to leave unpaid debts to her children when she will die.

Tihema and Williams were close friends before the loan was carried out.  However, the two are not on speaking terms after the issue.

Tihema realized her mistake that she should not trust anyone when it comes to lending money, especially when it involves a family member or a friend.

Williams was convicted and received a sentence of home detention after embezzling money from Ray Thomson, her own father, leaving him with only $20 in the bank account.

The 85-year-old father revealed his daughter’s wrongdoings in public and he has been given financial assistance from people around the country.

Williams’ other offenses include a case of dishonesty last 2014 when she used her friend’s credit card for online transactions.  She also used another person’s driver’s license as a proof of identity in applying a Vodafone account.

Williams’ motive for conning people was directly related to her gambling addiction and substance abuse.

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