Utica Homeowners Facing Tax Foreclosures

by San Antonio Attorney

The due date for unpaid tax payments in Utica is approaching fast, and arrangements need to be done in next to no time to steer clear of foreclosure.  The rate of foreclosure filings in the city has been decreasing lately, according to reports.

Mayor Palmieri announced in a Facebook that property owners in Utica have until January 13 to make payment plans prior to the affectivity of foreclosure.  According to the mayor, once the foreclosure starts, homeowners won’t be able to settle the tax obligations without going through a process and paying more.  The Third Class Cities Act forces the city government to foreclose on properties without any other options, the mayor said.

Mayor Palmieri also said there are several options available to homeowners once the foreclosure commences.  But he also said if owners want to take back the house, they must undergo the same process as everyone else submitting an offer.

There are fewer homeowners now who have lost their property in foreclosures.  Utica Urban Renewal Marketing Director Gene Allen confirmed this recently.

Oftentimes, homeowners who are about to lose their homes in foreclosure cannot to sell the property because their equity would only disappear.  Consulting with a San Antonio Foreclosure Attorney as soon as possible is a good way to tackle this problem.

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