UK’s NHS Squanders Billions on Medications and Now Susceptible of Bankruptcy

by San Antonio Attorney

Its medication costs soared to about $1.27 billion from 2015 until 2016, to almost $21.5 billion.

This is an indication that the expense of providing medications is the second largest expenditure of National Health Service next to salaries of staff.

Over the past decade, the number of prescriptions for each person has increased by a quarter.

At present, the British Pharmacological Society is starting to minimize drug waste and reduce expenses.

Analysts say the issue is partially cause by an ageing populace, which has many health problems and requires various medical treatments.

But medicine wastage is also part of the problem.  Almost 40% of patients that have been prescribed long term medications do not take them, squandering £350 million worth of drugs every year.

A number of patients are also provided with more than enough medications without good reason.

British Pharmacological Society vice president Sir Munir Pirmohamed urged the NHS to stop wastage of drugs and improve efficiency in the medications patients are on to make sure they get the appropriate drugs, and the right quantity of drugs to avoid giving too much medicine.

Simon Maxwell, clinical pharmacology chairman at Edinburgh University, also said the NHS will go bankrupt because of its expenditures.

The British Pharmacological Society wants more clinical pharmacology consultants as a way to reduce the medications bill and assist patients obtain the proper drugs.

An example of this is 73-year old Samuel Kingsbury from West Midlands who was prescribed to take nine different medicines three years ago to take care of a heart problem.

After he experienced relatively mild impairment of consciousness, doctors believed he had a respiratory problem as well.

However, he got better when he stopped taking a couple of the medications after consulting a clinical pharmacologist.

Kingsbury praises the NHS, but right after he stopped taking those drugs his complaints went away.

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