Teresa Giudice Faces Reopening of 2009 Bankruptcy Case

by San Antonio Attorney

Reality TV star Teresa Giudice was in jail for nearly a year due to fraud.  But her struggle is still not over.

According to reports, the star of “Real Housewives of New Jersey” wants to stop U.S.  Bankruptcy Court Judge Stacey L.  Meisel from reviving her bankruptcy case — despite the fact that she has already settled almost all of the claims filed against her.

If the case is reopened, this will allow Giudice’s unsatisfied creditors to seek payments from the expected proceeds from a claim she filed against Atty.  James Kridel, her bankruptcy lawyer.

Giudice’s lawyer has proposed a payment plan for the Internal Revenue Service to resolve a tax lien worth $551,563 file against her in 2015.  In addition, her lawyer told that court that she has agreed to settle all claims with the exception of two creditors listed in the bankruptcy filing last 2009.

Giudice, whose husband is at present serving his sentence for wire and mail fraud and bankruptcy fraud, is disputing the claims of a construction company and is negotiating to pay off his obligations to an infertility clinic.

John Sywilok, the creditors’ representative appointed by court in the 2009 bankruptcy case, is seeking to reopen the case.  Sywilok’s lawyer, Michael Kopelman, said that Giudice’s malpractice claim against Kridel was filed prior to her initial bankruptcy filing, and so Giudice has to share her potential lawsuit winnings to her creditors.

The attorney’s will try to reach an agreement.  If it will not happen, they are going to return to the court to let the judge decide whether Giudice can keep all her winnings.

But at this point, the possible winnings are only hypothetical.  Kridel’s move to dismiss the case was denied by a Morris Country state court judge, and a case trial will probably begin next year.

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