Technology Leaders To Bid For Patent Sale Of Nortel

by San Antonio Attorney

Invaluable patents of networking and broadband produced by Nortel Networks are going to be sold next week, and technology titans including Intel, Apple, and Google are going on the list of potential buyers.

Nortel will put up 6,000 patents and patent application on sale in one of the company’s last asset sales. Its wide ranging expertise includes semiconductors, voice, networking, Internet, and many others.

Lex Machina Inc CEO Josh Walker said that the sale could generate about $1.5 billion.

Probably the most valuable patents among the selection is the technology of next-generation mobile broadband employed in up and coming 4G standards like long term evolution (LTE).

Canada’s Research In Motion (RIM) co-chief Mike Lazaridis previously mentioned that such patents are a “national treasure.”

But RIM will probably be outbid by big companies like Apple and Google.

Ericsson (Sweden), ZTE (China), and RPX Corp (U.S.A.) will likely be bidding for the patents as well, according to various sources.

The timing of the public sale, most probably the biggest auction of its kind, is quite good as the mobile industry is growing while relatively new comers like Google and Apple try to strengthen weaker patents when compared to their competition.

According to Walker, the $1.5 billion sale price was not too much taking into consideration royalty deals licensing that could cost a business $500 million to $1 billion.

The patents sale will take a few days to discuss various matters and after that is the Delaware bankruptcy court’s approval, which is on July 11. The objections are expected bidding losers and companies that have licensing agreement with Nortel when it was still in the state of solvency.

Microsoft, Hewlett-Packard, and handset makers Motorola Mobility and Nokia, among others, have filed objections on the sale’s terms.

Conflicts could arise in bankruptcy proceedings. If considerable amount of money is involved or there are complicated issues, it is best to have a San Antonio Attorney on your side to help you resolve them.

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