St. Louis City Mayoral Candidate Tishaura Jones Discusses Her Past Bankruptcy Filing

by San Antonio Attorney

St.  Louis City mayoral candidate Tishaura Jones declared bankruptcy in 1999 with a state tax lien, the public records show.

She said during her twenties she started a business that was unsuccessful, her father was in jail, her mother had cancer, and she filed for bankruptcy.  His father was jailed after pleading guilty to two charged of felony tax fraud.

According to Jones, filing for bankruptcy gave her an opportunity get her life together, become a government official, and help people.

Jones, who is the city treasurer, initiated the Office of Financial Empowerment in the St.  Louis partly because she used to struggle financially, Jones said.  She believes that financial education is important to avoid the pitfalls she went through when she was younger.

She filed bankruptcy 1999 and emerged after several months.  Her bankruptcy papers show that she has $7,700 in assets and $24,400 in debts.  Her top two creditors were $7,000 to Primus Financial of Detroit and $4,500 to Commercial Financial Services.  The documents show that she earned $1,478 monthly as a contract analyst, and that her total monthly expenses were $1,504.

Public records also show that Jones had a state tax lien in 1999 for $14,159.  It was released in 2003, according to reports.

Filing for bankruptcy offers an opportunity to get a fresh start to individuals who are struggling financially.  Under Chapter 7 bankruptcy, almost all unsecured debts will be discharged so that an individual can start on a clean slate.

If you make your mind up to seriously consider the option of filing bankruptcy, consult with an experienced San Antonio Lawyer.   A good bankruptcy attorney will help you understand your rights and make you feel at ease.

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