Signs of a Bad San Antonio Attorney

by San Antonio Attorney

If you have to employ new staff, you go through a process of selection and rejection. Presumably, you do the same thing when you buy a house. Well, selecting an attorney has a lot of similarities to choosing staff and making a big purchase. A good San Antonio attorney, and there are plenty about, is going to work for you and may have a significant impact on your life rather like the analogy above. So choose carefully. This is not the time to open the telephone book and make a random selection. Ask people you trust for recommendations then have an initial consultation, which should be free, with several attorneys.

If you need an attorney, you need a good one. You need an attorney who understands your problem, deals with you in a straightforward way and levels with you on the issues involved. You need someone you can trust. You need to be sure there is no conflict of interests working against you, such as an attorney representing you and your spouse in a child custody case.

If you have difficulty contacting an attorney, or she/he does not return your calls even when you leave clear contact deals, this is another sign of a bad attorney. This same attorney is unlikely to act expediently and swiftly on anything. Do not persevere. You can do better.

Once you get to talk to one of your prospective attorneys, find out if this person is competent to handle your particular problem or issue. Should you need a specialist, do not take a general attorney such as one who handles small business work. Sometimes people think a specialist will be too expensive, but you need to weigh higher fees against knowledge and research speed.  A specialist probably has a clear working knowledge of all the relevant information. The ‘cheaper’ attorney could end up charging you for hours of research time trying to get up to speed. So ask plenty of questions including what sort of work this particular attorney usually handles.

There is more to be considered when it comes to costs. There are unscrupulous people in all walks of life and attorneys are no different. Make sure you know what the expected cost should be for your particular issue. Ask around, search the internet then make sure that your attorney does not go far beyond those bounds without a cast iron cause.

Think again if the attorney you talk to seems to be trying to hurry you unduly. On the other hand, time is money and as the clock is ticking the dollars are adding up on the attorney’s side of the ledger, not yours. But you do want an attorney who keeps you informed.

Be wary of any attorney who tells you the case will be simplicity itself. Unexpected developments can arise. An attorney who seems over-confident is a concern. It is possible that this attorney has not listened to you and will not deliver what you anticipate. Keep looking.

Choosing the right San Antonio attorney is not a matter of luck; it is a matter of trusting your instincts and taking the time to find the right person at the right price.

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