Sheraton Brussels Hotel Closes after Filing Bankruptcy

by San Antonio Attorney

Sheraton Brussels Hotel, one of the biggest hotels in Belgium, is set to close its door due to its operating company’s bankruptcy.

The 500-room hotel has no option but to close after the bankruptcy of SBH SPRL operator, causing 200 people to lose their jobs.

Sheraton said in a statement that the hotel is closing because of the operator’s financial problems and is not associated to the Sheraton brand.

The hotel opened its doors in 1973. In 2009, the hotel entered a long-term management deal with SBH SPRL. Shertaton’s management is currently working with all existing and future guests and clients to find alternative accommodation in the place.

In a statement, Sheraton said it comprehends the effect of the bankruptcy of SBH SPRL on the people working for SBH SPR and appreciates the work they have done for the hotel.

The hotel closed on Dec. 14.

The tourism industry of Belgium has experienced a decrease in visitors after the Hebdo attacks in Paris in November 2015 that killed about 130 people, followed by the terrorist attacks in Brussels earlier this year.

The hotel is one of the largest in Brussels with more than 500 rooms. It needs a renovation, and that’s funds that the owners of Sheraton don’t have.

For that reason, the hotel filed for bankruptcy and closed down afterwards.

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