Sheehan Pipe Line Files Chapter 11 Bankruptcy Protection

by San Antonio Attorney

Sheehan Pipe Line, a construction company based in Tulsa, Oklahoma, reportedly filed for Chapter 11 Bankruptcy last Friday through the United States Bankruptcy Court located in the North District of Oklahoma.

The estimated assets and liabilities of the company fall between $50 million to $100 million, according to the bankruptcy filing.  Sheehan Pipe Line’s creditors are estimated to be 200 to 999.

The company employs 85 workers and another 35 employees in the Tulsa branch.

There has been no comment on how the bankruptcy filing affects the projects in Pennsylvania by Williams and other current projects located in Mississippi, Alabama and Tennessee.

Several energy partners such as TransCanada, Markwest Energy Partners and Energy Transfer serve as Sheehan’s company clients.

According to the company’s website, other company clients include Energy Transfer, TransCanada and Markwest Energy Partners LP.

John Sheehan, founder of the Sheehan Pipe Line, served as one of the early leaders of the company.  John Sheehan was also known as the most knowledgeable leader of his time.

John Sheehan was born in the year of 1852, the turn of the century where the hunt for feasible oil site was widely practiced.  John Sheehan and his companions installed the first pipelines in the Indian Territory in 1903.  The pipe line stretches out at almost 23,000 miles in the territory since its installment in 1903.

Sheehan Pipeline served as a contributor to the final completion of the War Emergency Pipeline prior to World War II.

Robert Reiss, CEO and President of Sheehan Pipeline for almost a decade, serves as a co-proprietor with David Sheehan, a direct descendant of John Sheehan.

The function of the 113-year-old pipeline has upgraded to incorporate hydrostatic testing, modification and maintenance of valves and pipelines.  However, infrastructure is still the primary goal of Sheehan Pipe Line.

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