Shade Trees & Evergreens Wedding Venue Files Chapter 7 Bankruptcy amid Customer Lawsuits

by San Antonio Attorney

Lawsuits filed against Shade Trees & Evergreens, a wedding venue, are being put on hold because the defendant has filed for Chapter 7 bankruptcy.

Filing for Chapter 7 bankruptcy allows a business to liquidate its company assets and repay creditors from the proceeds of the sale.  That is different from Chapter 11 bankruptcy, which involves a restructuring of debts without interruption of business operation.

About eight lawsuits were filed alleging that Shade Trees & Evergreens owed fees and deposits to couples after cancelling their weddings, a court filing shows.

According to Frederick County officials, the wedding could not take place as planned because the venue did not have the required permit and failed to comply with zoning regulations.

Colleen Elizabeth Boyenton sued the wedding venue and expected a court hearing on Sept. 2, but it was halted because of the bankruptcy filing.

Boyenton complained that her $2,250 deposit for the venue was not refunded after the event was canceled.

The venue informed 6 days before the schedule of the event that they could not host the wedding.

Boyenton claimed that Shade Trees took money from many brides.

Boyenton eventually found another location where the wedding can take place at the same day and time.  The price matched their previous venue, but since she did not get any refund from Shade Trees, it was like she paid twice the amount.  She said she wants her money back or an apology from Shade Trees.

When a debtor files for Chapter 7 bankruptcy, the automatic stay stops all collections efforts of creditors to collect payment for money owed.

A lawyer for Kaitlin Keating and Christopher Corey, a couple who wants a refund, pointed out they plan to pursue the owners of Shade Trees since they are not protected by the automatic stay.

Based on a court filing, Shade Trees & Evergreens has almost $257,800 in debts and $42,476 in assets.

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