Seaport Airlines Declares Bankruptcy

by San Antonio Attorney

SeaPort Airlines, a commuter airline based in Portland and a former owner of Wings of Alaska, recently filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy.

The bankruptcy filing, which took place on February 5, will not affect the formerly owned company, Wings of Alaska, since it was already sold to Fjord Flying Service, another company based in Gustavus last October.

When Wings of Alaska was purchased, its change of ownership did not incite any obvious change to the public eye at all.  The airline has resumed its operation to its current location to the same destinations following the same name of the company.  However, the regular customers of the Wings of Alaska have noticed that the company has placed its focus on an entirely different entity, according to Richard Cole, Fjord owner and the new airline owner of the Wings of Alaska.

SeaPort, the previous name of Wings of Alaska, was used for the past eight years along with another airline, Alaska Juneau Aeronautics, according to the bankruptcy documents filed.

Richard Cole, Fjord Flying Service Proprietor, further confirmed that the official purchase of Wings of Alaska was legally done last year and is now running under his name, Fjord Flying Service.

Timothy Sieber, Executive Vice President of SeaPort, also confirmed the sale of Wings of Alaska to Fjord Flying Service.

Sieber stated that SeaPort already made its exit in the Alaska market last October and the bankruptcy filing will serve no impact on Fjord and airline operations in Southeast Alaska.

Cole added via a phone interview last Thursday that the current financial problem has paved complication for the companies but have no connection with SeaPort.

Cole has a positive insight on the future of his airline, Fjord Flying Service.  This is manifested through Wings of Alaska restoring operation in Juneau International Airport.

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