Sale of 47 Haggen Stores Confirmed by Bankruptcy Court

by San Antonio Attorney

The U.S.  Bankruptcy Court in Delaware has confirmed the auction of 47 stores, according to the official representative of Haagen.

Stores affected by bankruptcy but have been approved for sales are Arizona, California, Nevada, Oregon and Washington.

Interested purchasers include some buyers without Northwest establishments, but the main buyer, Albertsons, is listed with 30 stores from five states.

Albertsons also serves as the primary purchaser for almost eleven Washington branches except for one branch at Liberty Lake, near Spokane.

This branch is already set for Yokes Foods Inc. and is already listed as the buyer.

Albertsons was also named as the potential purchaser for four South Sound stores, particularly the stores located in Milton, Puyallup, Gig Harbor and Spanaway.

Other stores located in the region cover Burien, two branches in Renton, Everett, Shoreline and Port Orchard.

Aside from the recent properties assumed, Albertsons already owns Safeway.

Due to the recent merger with Safeway, the Federal Trade Commission ordered the company to divest itself of Albertsons or Safeway stores, which were in close proximity to each other.

Haggen recently acquired 146 West Coast stores, which the regulators pushed for purchase.

The initial auction outcomes are as follows:

▪ Stores covered by Safeway: Everett, Shoreline, Port Orchard and Renton.  The store near Spanaway at 15805 Pacific Ave. S. and in Gig Harbor at 4831 Point Fosdick Drive NW will also be covered.

▪ Stores covered by Albertsons: Monroe, two outlets in Burien and Renton.  Puyallup, at 11012 Canyon Road E., and in Milton at 2800 Milton Way are also included.

The agency did not have any objection for selling the stores back to Albertsons if there is no competing bidder, according to a spokeswoman for the Federal Trade Commission.

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