River’s Bend Golf Club Headed to Foreclosure Auction

by San Antonio Attorney

River’s Bend Golf Club, a deteriorating golf course, is set to be sold to a local firm in Charlottesville.

The auction is scheduled on December 2 at eleven in the morning in the courthouse of Chesterfield County.  This auction also marks the transfer of ownership from PC Amin to Renovo, a new conservation firm owned by Justin Beights.

Amin bought the note secured by River’s Bend Golf Club last 2009.  However, the proprietor of Amin LLC has been considering his options due to impending financial crisis.

If the transaction of foreclosure does not push through, then the property will still be retained by Amin LLC.  There are two properties involved in the foreclosure and these include the two parcels that surround the River’s Bend at 225 acres and Hogans Alley.  The acreage covers a riverfront property located across the Henricus Historical Park.

Renovo became interested on the property due to its ideal location for business establishment.  Renovo designed a business model that will conserve majority of the golf course area and generate revenue at the same time from government programs that can offer tax credit and deductions.

The foreclosure will relinquish control from the golf club’s longtime owner Ronnie Kelly.  Kelly, an experienced businessman, deals with financial issues, recession and a competition golf market.

Kelly could not be reached by the media for further comment regarding the updates of the foreclosure.

Justin Beights is a UVA alumnus with an extensive background for real estate development.  Beights is set to initiate a buyout on a Royal Virginian golf course located in Goochland County.

Beights confirmed that the River’s Bend deal will likely be closed by the end of 2016.

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