Republican Minnesota State Sen. Nienow Files for Bankruptcy

by San Antonio Attorney

Republican Minnesota state Sen. Sean Nienow filed for Chapter 7 bankruptcy. The senator stated $931,000 in debt in his petition.

Sen. Nienow and his wife Cynthia filed for the case last month, the court records showed. The Nienows are going to sell their expendable possessions in order to pay their creditors.

A great deal of that debt emanates from a federal government loan for a small business, which aimed to assist parents looking for camps for their children. They borrowed $613,000 from the Small Business Administration but their business failed.

The SBA filed a case against the Nienows in January to recover around $750,000. According to the court papers, they had not made any payment for months.

In April, Nienow said he had not discounted the option of filing for personal bankruptcy to resolve the debt.

When they filed for bankruptcy, the Nienows stated almost $122,000 in total assets. They claimed exemptions for a Cambridge home, a broken boat, a Nintendo Gamecube and four guns.

Nienow fashions himself as a fiscal conservative. He won his first Senate seat in 2002, lost in 2006 election, but won once again in 2010.

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