Relativity Media Bankruptcy: Horror Film Starring Kate Beckinsale and Thriller Movie Starring Kate Bosworth Delayed

by San Antonio Attorney

A horror film titled “The Disappointments Room” starring Kate Beckinsale, will most probably be postponed due to Relativity studio’s bankruptcy.  “Before I Wake”, Kate Bosworth’s thriller is also affected by the studio’s situation.

With Relativity Studios still on the process of Chapter 11 bankruptcy, several movies that hve been slated for a release will be pushed back again.

“The Disappointments Room” was scheduled for a released this coming March 25 and the studio have not released any trailer for the pictures.  No advertisements have been made about the movie.  With less than a month before the scheduled released, the debut will not happen as expected.

The film was even scheduled earlier in September and its only hindrance was Relativity Studio’s filing for bankruptcy protection.

“Before I Wake” is slated for a wide release this coming April and the film already has a released trailer.  Marketing campaigns for the movie have been futile.

The film was initially scheduled for release on May 8, 2015 but was moved opposite of “Disappointments Room” release prior to cancelling its premiere.

A query was raised about how the studio can be in control to decide whether a movie should have a premiere or not.  The company recently received a conditional approval to exit bankruptcy.

However, Judge Michael Wiles requested that more evidence should be provided that the studio has generated income to maintain its operations.  Another query is the deals made by the new leaders including actor Kevin Spacey and Dana Brunetti before Wiles can completely allow the studio to exit bankruptcy.

Additional legal challenges include debts from RKA Film Financing, which Relativity Studios owed more than $75 million as part of promotional loans.  RKA Film Financing stated that the money was used for the studio’s general operating expenses instead for marketing and distribution.

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