Rapper Snoop Dogg Fails to Turn Up for a Show, Munich Club Owner went Bankrupt

by San Antonio Attorney

A club operator in Munich has declared bankruptcy after Snoop Dogg infuriated club customers by skipping a performance commitment.

The reason why Snoop Dogg never came to a show in Zenith club on July 17th is not yet certain.  However, the American rapper has said club operator Björn Hellfeld did not follow the terms of their agreement, offering a payment so low that he did not went to the gig.

Hellfeld defends himself saying he fulfilled all the contract terms promptly.

The fans who bought the tickets to the club to meet the legendary rapper were displeased, and uproar nearly started at the location.

When the fans realized that Snoop wasn’t there, they hurled drinks at the stage, destroyed the sound system and set off fire extinguishers.

To make matters worse, on the night he was scheduled to entertain in Munich, Snoop Dogg was performing 50 miles away from the city of Augsburg – donning a Bayern Munich football outfit.

The hip hop fans didn’t take Snoop Dogg’s behaviour well.  According to Hellfeld, he received threats and insults in the aftermath, mostly in social media.  Moreover, hip hop fans did not come to his club anymore, after news about the fiasco got spread around.

Since the fans want refunds on their €30-€59 passes, Hellfeld was forced to file for bankruptcy.

Income at the club slipped dramatically that Hellfeld can no longer manage to afford to order new stocks of drinks, Hellfeld’s bankruptcy attorney said.

The lawyer is currently contemplating whether Hellfeld can get compensation from Snoop Dogg.

Having your business in the red can be difficult and overwhelming.  If you want to immediately stop all of your creditors from trying to collect debts from you, consider filing for bankruptcy and talk to a Debt Relief Attorney.

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