Nick Denton Continues to Live the High-Life Despite Declaring Bankruptcy

by San Antonio Attorney

Nick Denton has filed for bankruptcy, but his lifestyle has not changed much.

The founder of Gawker filed for personal bankruptcy after a court ruled that he is legally responsible in a $125 million lawsuit filed by Hulk Hogan.  He continuously gives his husband a $1,550 allowance each month and pays almost $2,400 on food and clothes, according to reports.

Court documents show that in October Denton earned $19,404 and had $124,899.04 in cash.  His expenses include $14,721.62 on mortgage, $4,400 on rental, $950 on house cleaning, $258 for transportation, $178 on utilities, $3,878 on taxes, $414 on entertainment, $7,046.14 on repairs and maintenance, and $245 on personal items.  He had a negative cash flow in October.

Denton’s money problems started after Hogan took legal action against Denton, Gawker and former employee of Gawker A.J.  Daulerio for posting a sex tape of the former wrestler.

The bankruptcy case of Denton is still pending while the trustee of the case tries to settle the outstanding debts to creditors.

In Hogan’s lawsuit, he cited emotional distress after Gawker published the less than two-minute video of him having intercourse with Heather Cole in 2007.

Cole is the former spouse of Bubba The Love Sponge, who is Hogan’s close friend.

Gawker claims that the video was a justifiable scoop since Hogan had talked candidly about his sex life in the past, such as in a radio show.  The company said they have the right to determine what should be in the news under the protection of the First Amendment.

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