New York Senators Kevin Park and Jeff Klein Give $120K to Aid Foreclosure Prevention

by San Antonio Attorney

As Christmas is fast approaching, two local Senators from the State of New York have been raising awareness of the impending foreclosure crisis in several parts of the state by giving housing advocates an amount of $120,000 to save homeowners from losing their houses in the 21st Senate District.

Kevin S.  Parker and Jeff D.  Klein, two Senators from New York, presented the Housing and Family Services of Greater New York with a check for $120,000.

This fund is specifically used for the purpose of preventing foreclosures in the 21st Senate District, according to a press release from the press secretary and counsel for the Independent Democratic Conference.

The presentation of the check took place in front of the home of Judith Alexander, a resident of the district and also a homeowner in need.  Alexander was only months away from foreclosure.

Senator Parker has expressed that the impact of the foreclosure crisis served as a disaster for so many families that it undermined the stability of their community.

Parker added that Brooklyn was adversely affected during the subprime lending crisis and even though practice slowed due to state and federal regulations, some homeowners still find it difficult to recover.

The Housing and Family Services of Greater New York bears the objective of funneling the funding in order to aid families who face the impending risk of foreclosure.

The organization has devised several programs aiding housing residences.  This also includes initiatives to renovate frail dwellings and other benefits that aid homeowners.

“For 44 years, Housing and Family Services of Greater New York has been committed to saving neighborhoods and communities one building at a time – whether a homeowner facing foreclosure or a distressed 100-unit apartment building,” said Larry Jayson, Executive Director of Housing and Family Services of Greater New York.


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