New Owner of Klondike Sunset Casino Files Chapter 11 bankruptcy

by San Antonio Attorney

Creditors of Nevada Gaming Partners LLC were slated to gather for the first time on Nov. 17 to talk about the company’s Chapter 11 bankruptcy filing shortly after reopening the Klondike Sunset Casino located in Henderson.

The company declared bankruptcy in October a few months after proprietor Bruce Familian obtained a license from the Nevada Gaming Station.

Court documents show that the top 20 biggest unsecured creditors have over $915,000 in total claims. They include the Aristocrat Technologies, Reisman Sorokac law firm, US Foods, IGT and State Restaurant Equipment Co.

Court papers states the Klondike, Sarah’s Kitchen, and Evolve Gaming Management as the registered names in Nevada Gaming Partners.

Chapter 11 bankruptcy allows companies to eliminate or reduce debt while restructuring their finances. A Chapter 11 bankruptcy can be converted to Chapter 7 liquidation. It is still uncertain how the case of Nevada Gaming Partners is going to be settled.

The revived Klondike was opened again last August after its owner took about eight months setting up and revamping the property after it closed its doors in 2014 when its previous owner, John Woodrum, passed away.

Familian and his associate Jon Athey have been in gambling business for 16 years. They began operating small games at convenience stores. In December 15, they bought the property and prepared it since early 2016 for the reopening of Klondike.

The property has around 70 employees and sits on about 2 acres land.

In 2014, Familian was questioned by the Gaming Commission regarding his spouse’s participation in a licensed medical cannabis dispensary.

During his appearance, he told the Gaming Commission that his spouse, Sarah Familian, no longer owns her 8% share in GB Sciences Nevada LLC. Clark County Commission granted the business a license to dispense medicinal cannabis.

The Gaming Commission was appeased to know that Sarah Familian was no longer involved in the medical cannabis trade.

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