Mounted Animals Included in Insolvency Auction in the US

by San Antonio Attorney

The estate of real estate mogul Robert Kubick was auctioned off to settle the creditors demands in the bankruptcy case. Amongst those included in the auction was the head of a white rhinoceros, the remains of a snow leopard, both endangered, and other items collected by the former businessman and wild game hunter.

Now, the former Alaskan real estate businessman is behind bars for fraud against his creditors. As for the endangered animals he has collected on his highly publicized safaris, they have been used by federal officers to educate agents of the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service in Alaska.

Being an Alaskan resident allows purchasers or collectors of these endangered animal trophies to keep them under federal law and international treaty. The exemption is allowed only if the items remain within Alaskan borders. While the Endangered Species Act prohibits the commercial trafficking of endangered animals and their parts, the auction was allowed under special circumstances for the Chapter 7 bankruptcy case.

The buyers who purchased the items fit the bill, according to Jim Hill, the supervising auctioneer over the estate. The snow leopard was sold at $1,850 and the white rhino head was sold at $9,250. Other leopards in the collection were sold at $750 and $1,700 respectively.

Jim Kubick created his fortune during the Alaskan oil boom back in the ’70s and ’80s. As quickly as he made his money, he lost all of it in the oil crash of the late ‘80s and then was convicted of defrauding creditors when he tried to hide assets in secret locations and accounts. He buried money and jewelry in grounds of his property, surreptitiously transferring items to family members and hid away his big game collection in containers. Federal prosecutors charged him and he was convicted in 1998 to a total of fifty eight months in federal prison. At the time, it was the lengthiest penalty imposed for white collar crime in Alaska. He died in 2006 after serving the term of his prison sentence.

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