Low-Income Residents of Indiana Receive Foreclosure Assistance

by San Antonio Attorney

The Hoosier families, who are on the verge of losing their homes to foreclosure, are about to receive help from foreclosure assistance via Indiana Legal Services.

Greg Zoeller, an Indiana attorney, arrived in town last Tuesday, in order to announce a grant to aid in the prevention of foreclosure specifically catered to low-income residents in the Fort Wayne area. The grant, worth $300,000, is also used to aid in funding a partnership between Indiana Tech Law School and Indiana Legal Services.

Zoeller stated that Indiana Legal Services aims to provide assistance to thousand of Hossiers households struggling to pay mortgage, who are debt-ridden and victims of scammers who take advantage of their vulnerability as a debtor.

Zoeller added that Indiana Legal Services will serve as an essential community partner and expressed his enthusiasm in law students rendering their participation in extra-curricular work. This is highly important since most consumers who can’t afford legal representation are often victimized by opportunists who make false promises. Homeowners should be wary of scam artists who charged a chunk of money for legal services or a false premise of modification of a delinquent loan.

Jon Laramore, the executive director of ILS, said that the main objective of ILS is to provide a wide range of legal service across the state especially to the poverty stricken households who need help the most.

Laramore added that this expansion of services and putting emphasis on the grant on its most crucial job description will create a huge difference in the lives of these individuals thus resulting in support of a stronger community. Households that are provided with legal counsel can have the benefit of wider choices of how they deal with their financial problems.

Law students from Indiana Tech are slated to assist in foreclosure prevention services in the Fort Wayne branch of ILS office.

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