Where Can I Find A Good Accident Attorney in San Antonio, Texas?

by San Antonio Attorney

“I want to stay away from what most people refer to as “ambulance chasers”. The representation I am looking for  should include both with the insurance end, and also with a civil case against the other driver.

I was at a near stop when I was rear ended by a speeding vehicle full of drunk teenagers (going 80 in a 35). Both her car and my truck had been beyond totaled, but luckily only a single of my passengers and me were injured. My passenger has already settled with her insurance provider, but I’m getting a bum deal. My injuries resulted in, among other points, a large scar about the back of my head where my hair won’t grow back. Because I am a man, the insurance provider wants to offer me less cash than if I had been a woman. Also, their offers have been completely insulting. I’m very self conscious about my scars and I dislike having to explain what happened each time some one sees them. I just want this to be fair, but it seems like this drunk teenager is getting away with just a slap on the wrist. She didn’t even get any tickets, despite the fact that the police report states that she was speeding, drunk, had open containers, and negligent.”

Any suggestions for a good attorney???

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Evelyn April 27, 2010 at 6:58 pm

Contact Martin Seidler, (210)-694-0300

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