Little Spot Faces Foreclosure Due to Unpaid Taxes

by San Antonio Attorney

Little Spot, a roadside eatery located on Route 22, is an established restaurant for almost 60 years.  Little Spot came into public attention when a posting appeared in social media last Wednesday, appealing to prevent the town of North Castle from shutting them down.

The post, which was eventually removed, revealed that the town did not give any extension on their tax payment, despite paying almost 95% of it.

The town officials immediately replied that the allegations were not true.  J&J Spot Holdings, the owner of the Little Spot restaurant, has not remitted any tax since 2009.  The company has a total of $394,960 in back taxes, according to town records.

The owners have promised to redeem tax payments but they never did, according to Patricia Columbo, Receiver of Taxes.

Goldberg has stressed that the town is pushing for the restaurant’s foreclosure.  Goldberg added that if the taxes are not fully paid, the property will be taken and resold to compensate for tax liens.

Through their Facebook account, Little Spot explained their financial struggles as it was still recovering from an inflicted damage caused by a drunk driver last October.  The driver allegedly slammed his car into the building.  The owners had no choice but to use their personal funds in order to reopen and no reimbursements were given.

The patrons of the restaurant were dismayed at the fact that Little Spot may not last for long.

One of these patrons was a retired construction worker, who had been a regular customer of Little Spot since he was young.

He was surprised by Little Spot’s tax problems and thought their business was running smoothly.

Monica Duer, another patron, shared that she used to meet with her friends at the Little Spot when she was still a teenager.  Duer currently lives in Somers but spent her teenage years in Valhalla.

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