Lindsay Lohan May Face Bankruptcy after Failing to Pay London Flat Rent

by San Antonio Attorney

Lindsay Lohan used to get millions of dollars for every movie she made.  But now the actress could face bankruptcy after failing to pay rent on her flat in London.

The landlord’s lawyers have issued Lohan with demand letters to pay £77,600, and intend to file a court petition for her bankruptcy next month if she does not pay up, according to multiple reports.  The legal representatives of the landlord are seeking to get payments for six months of rent.

The former child star’s ex-fiancé, Egor Tarabasov, also claims that Lohan stole his personal things worth £24,000.  Russian property tycoon accused Lohan of taking his Rolex Oyster watch, small gold crucifix and designer outfits.

Lohan’s financial problems are the most recent in a series of her personal crisis.  She went to rehab for drug and alcohol several times.  She also spent time in jail for drunk driving and charged for shoplifting.

The former Disney actress has spent all of her money and has mostly submitted herself to being declared bankrupt, according to multiple reports.

Tarabasov provided an inventory to his legal representatives of the things he claims were taken from the flat.  The inventory listed some valuable pieces like a Luc Waring painting, a diamond ring, and a Panerai Luminor Marina watch.

He also listed a pink Chanel bag, which Tarabasov said he purchased for her as a gift but she never used it.

Tarabasov and Lohan met at a party through common friends in October 2016 and started to live together in March.

The duration of tenancy agreement is 12 months that had break clause of 6 months.  The contract was under Lohan’s name, but Tarabasov paid an upfront three-month deposit.

The two got engaged in April.  They were supposed to split the £3,000 weekly rent, but Tarabasov said Lohan did not pay her share of the fee.

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