Johnny Carino in Wichita Falls Will Continue to Open Despite Fired Up Inc.’s bankruptcy filing

by San Antonio Attorney

Johnny Carino’s avid customers don’t have to fear about the Italian eatery closing its Tuscan ambiance despite its parent company’s bankruptcy filing.

Tom Zurawski, the local store general manager, said he got calls after customers read an article about Fired Up Inc.’s filing for Chapter 11 bankruptcy.  The bankruptcy case is not going to affect the Wichita Falls store at all, he said.

According to Zurawski, the Wichita Falls location is operated by Randy Kamp, who owns five other stores in Oklahoma City.  Those locations are managed by KampCo Foods, LLC.

He clarified that the leases, purchasing agreement and other things are entirely franchised.  In case Fired Up Inc. chooses to shut down, then they would still retain their part of the Johnny Carino’s brand and they would keep moving forward.

Zurawski, who is assigned in Fired-Up Inc. based in Dallas, explained they plan to continue operating the Wichita Falls store, providing customers with Italian food cooked from scratch and retaining their Happy Hour promo.

In June 2003, it was announced by Kamp a new Johnny Carino’s will be constructed in Wichita Falls and scheduled to open the following year.

In Austin area, Fired-Up Inc. manages the 36 Johnny Carino’s stores in Texas.  On July 14, the company sought for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection.  This came to pass almost four months following the company’s exit from a previous Chapter 11 filing.

The parent company reportedly blamed the downswing in the oil trade and the implementation of Affordable Care Act for its financial problems.

According to reports, Fired-Up Inc. owes $905,000 to workers in salaries and benefits and $19 million to creditors.

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