Is Tori Spelling Filing for Bankruptcy?

by San Antonio Attorney

Tori Spelling’s husband, Dean McDermott, is reportedly pressuring her to file for bankruptcy after American Express sued the actress for $37,981.97 that she incurred last summer.

Their debt was due on Aug. 18, according to court documents. Spelling’s last charges on her American Express account were in June 2015.

Spelling has been dealing with financial problems, according to reports, and her latest ordeal happened in the summer of 2015 when she sustained burn injuries and was in pain for quite some time.  This made it impossible for her to work and keep up with the bill payments.

The couple has four young children. In order to sort out their finances, McDermott is reportedly forcing his wife to file for personal bankruptcy.  As a couple they have the option to file for Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy.  According to an individual who has knowledge about the couple’s financial situation, McDermott and Spelling owe other credit card companies, though only American Express has taken legal action to collect a debt.

Spelling, who starred in the television show “Beverly Hills 90210,” will probably not file for bankruptcy as she does not even want to entertain that idea, the source said.  The reality star has so many clothes, collectible items and other things in storage.  However, it is very costly to store these things.  If her debt continues to pile up, she could lose everything she has.

The couple has 4 kids whose ages ranges from 3 to 8. McDermott hosted “Chopped: Canada”

Aaron Spelling’s daughter is allegedly having financial troubles because she does not live within her means. McDermott, the former host of “Chopped: Canada” has supposedly even been making efforts to help her to live a simpler way of life, more than ever when they were dealing with health issues and insufficient of earnings from work in 2015.

But Spelling allegedly does not want to change the lifestyle that she is used to enjoying.

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