Injured Woman fom 2004 Concert Fights for Damages in 50 Cent’s Bankruptcy

by San Antonio Attorney

Dorothy DeJesus, a resident of Northampton, was punched in the face during rapper 50 cent’s surprise performance at a concert in Hippodrome Theater, Massachussetts last May 7, 2004.

DeJesus suffered from injuries during the concert, according to the filed documents in U.S. Bankruptcy court in Hartford, Connecticut. DeJesus pleaded a federal judge to ensure that the rapper won’t use bankruptcy as an excuse for not paying her at least $25,000 for damages.

50 Cent, whose real name is Curtis James Jackson III, got infuriated when somebody from the audience threw liquid into the stage. The 40 year old rapper jumped into the crowd and his entourage followed him through the fight.

“Thereafter, a melee ensued, and audience members, performers and entourage members physically scrambled in skirmish while the concert continued,” said DeJesus’s lawyer, stating the content in the court papers.

DeJesus claimed that she was punched in the face by Jackson and temporarily lost consciousness.  Mr. Jackson denied the allegation in the ensuing 2007 lawsuit.

DeJesus stated in the lawsuit that she filed a case against Jackson despite fear that she would be harmed or harassed by testifying against him.

According to the court papers, DeJesus grew up in a neighborhood that harbored a philosophy on ‘snitching’ that always ends in a deadly consequence.  The woman also claimed having nightmares that the rapper is pursuing her.

Another victim,Candace Scott, a resident of Springfield, suffered from eye injuries during the fight and also filed a case on similar grounds.

The two women filed an appeal, emphasizing that Mr. Jackson should pay additional damages for the damage he inflicted and also a portion of the profits he got from increased publciity after the fight, as stated by the two women’s lawyer, Michael Malkovich.

U.S. bankruptcy law has the power to make exceptions for life obligations such as child-support payments, student loans and debt related to “for willful and malicious injury”.

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