How to Use The NACA Website to Find a San Antonio Attorney

by San Antonio Attorney

If you are in need of an attorney in San Antonio, you should consider searching the website of the National Association of Consumer Advocates for potential candidates.

The National Association of Consumer Advocates (NACA) is an organization which sets out to take care of the rights of consumers in terms of the difficulties that may arise due to unfair business practices. There is a need for an organization such as the NACA in the business environment of today due to the steady, and often clandestine erosion of justice and fair business practices that is occurring. The NACA stands up for consumers and brings unwise reforms or deceitful practices out into the open. It is an organization of attorneys determined to maintain the integrity that originally informed the regulations related to consumer rights and business practices.

The NACA website – under the title Consumer Resources – offers links to documents that provide recent information on consumer rights and potential pitfalls when, for example, borrowing money. Other useful sections include information on debt collection abuse, credit reporting problems, your rights under the lemon law and that fear of all consumers, identity theft.

Another useful segment is – News and Events. Here the latest reports from all over the country covering consumer rights and changes in regulations are presented for ease of access keeping you well informed. This part of the site will keep you abreast of the impact of the economic crisis and moves by the federal government to alleviate the crisis, both beneficial and ineffective moves.

In addition to keeping you informed, the website offers quick and easy access to the attorneys who are concerned enough with the rights of consumers to have joined the NACA, and this has to be a good recommendation.

So how do you go about finding one? Almost everywhere you go in the website there is an active button that takes you to the page – Find An Attorney. The most obvious one is the tab in the middle of the home page. Click on the left hand side of the Find An Attorney page you are asked to choose a state. Having done that and clicked search, you will be taken to a long list of attorneys operating in your state. In Texas, there are around 40 options spread over two pages.

You may not want to search through such a large number of names. Perhaps someone has given you a recommendation; simply type that attorney’s last name into the appropriate slot below the state. For example, by selecting Texas and typing in Seidler, you will be shown more details on Martin Seidler, San Antonio.

Don’t get frustrated when you notice that this page offers no contact details. Place the cursor over the name –Martin Seidler. Instantly the name goes blue and if you click on it, plenty more information is revealed. Not only does this site offer you full contact information including phone number and email address, it also gives the details of the attorney’s areas of practice. A quick glance down that list will tell you if Martin Seidler is likely to be able to help you with, for example, debt collection abuse.

So when you are looking for a San Antonio attorney, the NACA website is a great place to get what you need.

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