How to Find a San Antonio Attorney Using the NACBA Website

by San Antonio Attorney

What is the NACBA and how is it relevant to my search for a San Antonio Attorney? The National Association of Consumer Bankruptcy Attorneys (NACAB) is, as the name suggests, a national body that provides services for bankruptcy attorneys as well as looking after the rights of debtors. So, if you have consumer debt and are having to consider bankruptcy, there is an organization that is looking out for your interests and is a source of information when looking for an attorney.

From a debtor’s point of view, the purpose of bankruptcy, the chance to get a new start through the discharge of consumer debt, has been protected by the NACBA since its inception in 1992. This means that the NACBA has been active on the part of consumers limiting the influence of the consumer credit industry on changes to the Bankruptcy Code, changes which would not have benefited consumers.

Also, because the NACBA provides on-going education for its members, attorneys who are members can be expected to be fully informed of new developments through participation in NACBA workshops and conferences. In addition, attorneys who are members have access to articles and discussions on bankruptcy, a virtual mentoring service.

So, when choosing an attorney in San Antonio, NACBA is a great place to start knowing that you will be introduced to an attorney who has made the decision to join an organization that benefits both attorneys and their clients.

When you visit the NACBA website, you will find that it has information for you as well as attorneys. There is an informative blog where you may find many of your initial questions answered. In addition, it offers advice in an easy and informative way such as advice on the benefits of using cash rather than credit.

But, getting back to the original question, you can find a San Antonio attorney through the website with remarkable ease. If, like me, you get a little visually confused by website homepages, follow these simple steps.

  1. Access the website home page at
  2. On the right hand side of the page, you will see a text box with the words – Need Bankruptcy Advice? – written in a green band. You found them? Good!
  3. Underneath it says – search your area to find attorneys near you.
  4. In the space provided you have a number of options: type San Antonio, or your complete address, or if you have a recommendation, type the name of the attorney.

If you type San Antonio only, you get a map of the city covered in little numbers. Each number represents a San Antonio attorney and shows you the location. If you click on a number, you get the address and the distance from the center of the city. For example, number 12 is Martin Seidler and by selecting this number you get all the necessary information about him, such as his office address and number as well as the distance from the center of San Antonio. If you type your complete address or work address in the box provided, the numbers change, but one will be Martin Seidler; find his by sliding the cursor over the numbers. Click on it and you will be able to see how far his office is from your residence or work.

The NACBA provides great services, so make it your first port of call when choosing a San Antonio attorney.

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