HGTV Show “Love It Or List It” Faces Lawsuit by Homeowners

by San Antonio Attorney

“Love It or List It” is a television show based on home design originates from Canada.  It currently airs on HGTV in the United States.

Deena Murphy and Timothy Sullivan, a couple from Chatham County, consulted the TV show last 2015, when they encountered a problem with renovation in their Raleigh rental property.  The couple intended to reside in the house, along with their foster children.

The couple has already attempted a lot of renovation projects prior to consulting the show and is aware that the process can be tedious and time-consuming.

Murphy and Sullivan turned to “Love It or List It” due to their constant patronage of HGTV, a channel centered on home and garden.  Murphy and Sullivan browsed the internet and became drawn to an advertisement posted by “Love It Or List It”.

The mechanics of the show tries to encourage the homeowners to let their house be renovated by the TV show crew and will show the couple other houses in the neighboring area.  The show’s conclusion focuses on a big reveal whether the couple will love the newly renovated home or put it on the market.

The couple revealed that the house was not properly repaired and described it as ‘shoddy work’.  Other offenses committed by the TV show include a breach of contract and unfair trading practices.  This comes as a violation of the general contractor laws as a production company that thrives off endorsements.  The lawsuit serves as comparison and contrast, whether staging was done to convince viewers or it was indeed beautifully repaired.

The case was filed against Big Coat TV and Aaron Fitz Construction, the contractor hired to do the house renovations.

James White, the couple’s legal representative said that Murphy and Sullivan already signed a confidentiality agreement and anything revealed outside the courtroom is strictly discouraged.

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