Greenburgh Officials Await Judge’s Decision to Auction72 Foreclosed Properties

by San Antonio Attorney

Greenburgh, a small town, intends to recover a total of $7.1 million worth of back taxes that were owed on 72 parcels.

Linda Jamieson, Supreme Court Justice, will approve of the foreclosing deal and the confiscated properties will be auctioned.

Paul Feiner, town supervisor, said in an interview last Tuesday that the process has been very difficult, but they do not have much of a choice but to follow the rules stipulated by a fiscal management.

After two decades of suffering from financial problems, this is the first time that the small town attempted to foreclose their properties due to delinquent tax bills.  This also marks the first time Greenburgh conducts its first property revaluation in sixty years.

Greenburgh cited 370 properties that have a debt of $19.9 million worth of taxes when it started to undergo foreclosure last 2013.  The roster of properties was greatly reduced to 72 as the foreclosure process progressed.  The process involved the property owners fulfilling their debt, allowing their land to be sold, approved reverse mortgages and negotiation of payment of agreements with the town’s officials.

The properties involved in the list are as follows: 16 family residences and 49 lots that have no house built on it.  Two of the family residences have been destroyed.

Feiner explained that the proprietors of each parcels have been sent seven letters to notify them of their status as a tax delinquent.  These letters offered aid that would have guided them in payment plans to fulfill debt and references to various agencies that could’ve prevented them from losing their assets.

Feiner added that he will have a meeting with the town ethics board to reconsider the decision and allow the town to reach out to realtors and request purchasing properties directly from the owners.

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