Gawker Media’s Fate After Bankruptcy Auction

by San Antonio Attorney

Gawker Media, often called a ‘snarky’ gossip site that became a reputable media empire, is set to have a bankruptcy auction this coming Tuesday.  The website will be sold to the highest bidder along with other assets.

The fate of Gawker will highly depend on the buyer.  This goes the same for its sister sites such as Gizmodo, Kotaku, Jezebel, Deadspin, iO9, Lifehacker and Jalopnik.

Established 14 years ago, Gawker’s reputation as a media company will soon come to an end.  It will also create awareness for both journalists and readers on how information should be disseminated wisely on the internet.

Stephen Marche, a writer from Canada and also a columnist of Esquire, wrote a heartfelt editorial about how Gawker smeared his reputation as writer but he stood up with it.

Gawker has penned Marche for his ‘terrible writing skills’ and even put him in a list, as one of worst 100 white men in the United States.

However, Marche defends Gawker’s right to exist as a media company, despite financial troubles.

Marche stated through an interview with NBC last Monday that he truly appreciated Gawker’s efforts of ‘uninhibited journalism’.  Marche added that celebrities had unexamined power that enabled them to have a magnified amount of ‘wrongdoing’ despite lesser scrutiny from press.

Though Marche does not entirely support the platform’s of Gawker and its other sister sites.  The writer looks up to its ‘sheer guts’ and blunt news reporting as an essential in the modern media.

Marche said that image manipulation nowadays is always the key for bringing up or putting down a person.  Gawker changed that paradigm and made a no-nonsense type of media dissemination which made it less superficial.

The writer expressed its final opinion on the media company’s fate and how it will survive, as they are one of the few media websites who can put ‘sand in the grease’.


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