Garden City Foreclosure Victims Ask Help from Council

by San Antonio Attorney

Victims from the Garden City tax foreclosure are pleading city leaders for another chance to retrieve their houses.  The city council meeting got heated in facing these issues last Nov. 3.

The citizens living in Garden City are gradually losing their homes due to tax foreclosure, thus swearing on the mayor and city council, shifting the blame of the problem on them.

“We’re sorry you couldn’t keep up your payments,” said the council members involved, speaking up against people who recently lost their homes.

Mayor Randy Walker and the council members have responded to the numerous protests at city hall after the protesters have stayed there for a long time.

Pam King, a City Council Member expressed that this is not within their scope of duty as it is not their problem anymore.  She apologized and told the protesters that they were in the wrong place and they should accept their circumstances for what it really is.

“It’s unfortunate that you’re losing your house, and trust me if I could help you I would.  But the deed is no longer in our hands,” said Walker, who also joined in the official statement towards the protesters.

The council members added that these homeowners had full knowledge that they were falling behind in their payment for property taxes but claimed that they have agreed to a set-up of payment plans.  The homeowners are now accusing the city government of selling their homes to a developer without their knowledge and consent.

The city leaders explained that they have tried for years to render aid to the eight home owners who are losing their homes.  The homeowners were set on payment plans but couldn’t comply on time.  The houses are now the official property of developers after being sold by the county.

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