Full Hanjin Vessel Not Allowed to Dock without an Exit Plan

by San Antonio Attorney

South Korean Hanjin Shipping secured the necessary payment to drop off a filled container vessel waiting around a port in New York.  However, before the ship obtained permission to dock, it had to deal with another predicament: how will it return to sea.

The problem of the Hanjin Miami is just an example that disputes over ocean containers, shipments and truck trailers to heave the shipping containers have marooned at sea about $14 billion worth of goods worldwide.

From the time when of court receivership last Aug. 31, Hanjin has created problems for numerous retailers who are gathering goods in preparation for the holiday season.

According to a U.S. retail organization, it is necessary to resolve the problem promptly to prevent damages to small and medium-sized enterprises.

Hanjin can afford to dock its Hanjin Miami, based on reports.  However, the ship was not permitted to dock in the port due to a dispute regarding vacant shipping containers, which the Hanjin Miami usually would fill up as counterweight to depart the port.

In the present situation, the vessel cannot leave the harbor as it cannot get air clearance to steer under the Bayonne Bridge.  If it cannot find a way to exit, the vessel could tie up a berth.

The disputes associated to the empty shipping containers are preventing the terminal from allowing the containers to reload onto the vessel.

According to reports, the Hanjin Miami was eventually allowed to dock and pick up the empties to depart the port.

However, other seaports are also having concerns with regards to who will pay them for terminal fees and what happens to the vacant containers.  Furthermore, a judge has told Hanjin to drop its ship charter contracts and give back the vacant ships to their owners.

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