Fresh & Easy Plans Closures and Liquidation of Remaining Stores, Long Beach Branch Affected

by San Antonio Attorney

Fresh & Easy, A South Bay based chain of grocery stores, will liquidate its remaining locations in California, Nevada and Arizona, according to a recent public announcement.

Fresh &Easy closed dozens of stores in March, particularly 30 stores in Southern California.  The pioneer chain that first opened last 2007 plus 100 stores will remain after the subsequent closures that occurred earlier this year.  Lack of finances was the primary decision as announced today.

Long Beach housed three branches of Fresh & Easy, including one store located in the middle of City Place. The last closure of stores occurred in the previous location on the city’s East Side.  The remaining stores will be sold off to another company or closed for good.

“Over the last two years, we have been working hard to build a new Fresh & Easy.  While we made progress on stemming our losses and moving the business closer to break even, unfortunately we have been unable to obtain financing and the liquidity necessary to continue to fund the business going forward,” said Fresh & Easy’s representative, through a statement.

“As we start the process for an organized wind down of the business, we continue to work to sell all or part of the business,” the representative further added.

The grocery store was previously owned by the British retailer Tesco. Unfortunately, a pattern of closures started in 2009 after reporting losses in the hundreds of millions of dollars. Tesco sold the chain to Yucaipa Companies in 2013.

The company announced that all 3,000 of its employees in its remaining stores were given a notice that they will be laid-off.  Last, the company advertised hiring events in San Diego on its careers via their official Twitter account.


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