Former Patriot Coal Miners Looking for Job Opportunities at Blackhawk Mining

by San Antonio Attorney

Former Patriot Coal miners collaborated with the officials of Blackhawk Mining at the Charleston Civic Center last Monday for job opportunities.

The company plans to recruit 1,400 former employees of Patriot.  These former workers were laid off earlier this year, according to Jesse Parish, vice president of Blackhawk Mining.

Parish expressed that the first day should be for a transition with any problem at all.  Other priorities would include the efficiency of the mines and proper hiring and compensation of the employees.  Another aspect that would follow after the first day would performance reviews and means to improve all these aspects as well.

Blackhawk is in talks of purchasing six Patriot operations located in the southern and central West Virginia.  This plan of purchase was approved by the federal bankruptcy judge allowing Patriot to sell part of their assets to Blackhawk.

“It takes an extended period of time.  There’s a lot of uncertainty and so our emphasis is to get people back to work with a company that’s in a firm, financial condition so we can be successful going forward,” said Parish, whose primary goal was to allow the workers to resume their jobs as soon as possible.

The hiring process has not been disclosed as of the moment but Parish stated that the miners will have to go through interviews as a new applicant.  Since Blackhawk Mining is another company, the workers will be registered as a new worker under that name.

Parish further elucidated that their primary focus is to maintain cost cutting measures and the adherence to safe operation beliefs despite the dwindling demand of coal.

Patriot, based in Scott Depot, declared Chapter 11 bankruptcy last May.  Blackhawk was proclaimed as the winning bidder in the auction.

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