Former One Nation Senator Rod Culleton Loses His Senate Seat in Australian Parliament Because of Bankruptcy

by San Antonio Attorney

Ex-One Nation Senator Rod Culleton was disaqualified from his senate seat as confirmed by Senate President Stephen Parry.

After receiving the pertinent documentation regarding the facts provided by officials, Sen. Parry said he told Sen. Culleton and informed the Governor of Western Australia about a vacancy representation due to the disqualification of Sen. Culleton.

Sen. Parry said Culleton had been barred due to his status as “undischarged bankrupt”.

The disqualification was a direct consequence of bankruptcy filing, Parry said in a statement.  But he also said the issue is not yet over.

Parry also asked the Court of Disputed Returns to look into the eligibility of the former senator for qualifying for the position.  He said this was necessary before the vacancy can be filled.  The same procedure was applied when former senator Bob Day resigned.

Sen. Parry said both issue would be told to the senate when it convenes on February 7.

Culleton has promised to challenge the bankruptcy ruling and has maintained that he is not insolvent.

In the event his disqualification is approved the votes for Western Australian senate will have to be counted again to find out who should occupy his seat.

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