Florence Physician Charged with 400 Felonies Plans to File for Bankruptcy

by San Antonio Attorney

Dr.  Chris Christensen, a Florence physician, was charged with 400 felonies.  He appeared without a legal representative in the Ravalli County Court under Judge Jeffrey Langton on Jan.  20.

Christensen was arrested last August for prescribing illegal medications that caused killed two of his patients.

Christensen testified that he intends to file bankruptcy and will hire a public defender.

In response, the judge agreed with the OPD’s decision after doing his own review of the records.  Langton concluded that Christensen is not even close to fitting the description of ‘indigent’ under the law.

Christensen has not hired a legal representative and is instead waiting for a letter of withdrawal from the OPD prior to seeking alternative counsel.  However, Christensen claims that he has retained an attorney for his bankruptcy filing, which will happen in three weeks.  Once this is achieved, Christensen intends to submit another application for a public defender and has no plans to be his own attorney.

Thorin Geist, a Ravali County Deputy Attorney, updated Judge Langton through a Wednesday status hearing in order to determine if Christensen has hired a new attorney.  Geist wanted to avoid the situation of Christensen taking way too long to search for a legal counsel then make a request to continue trial.

A thorough investigation revealed that Christensen’s operations in Florence ran on cash and earned $2,500 a day.  It earned a gross of more than $500,000 annually.

The 400 felony charges against Christensen consist of two counts of negligent homicide and two deaths from his patients that were prescribed with methadone, an illegal drug.  If found guilty, Christensen will face a penalty of 388 life sentences and another 135 years in prison, with fines of $20 million.

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