Flint, MI Experiences Many of the Same Problems as Detroit

by San Antonio Attorney

Flint, the original home of General Motors, has suffered an astounding decline in population and rise of abandoned property, just like Detroit City.

If the city fails on its effort to lower its health care benefits for retirees, Flint is likely going to join the cities or counties that have asked for help from the courts when the recession started.

Darnell Earley, the appointed emergency manager for the city, said that Flint cannot sustain the budget they have if they put more funds into the city workers’ health care.

Nowadays the city is a blend of desolation and hope. Downtown bustles with residents going to the University of Michigan branch campus, government offices, and businesses along Saginaw Street, which has various striking iron arches that extend along the roadway and are similar to those from a hundred years ago.

On the other hand, you will find many empty houses in some residential areas and boarded-up buildings creep on the edge of the business district.

According to city officials, Flint’s tax base has drastically changed and can no longer keep up with job benefits and public pensions established before the recession.

Earley said thatFlint ‘s budget deficit is almost $13 million, and the city must produce $5 million this fiscal year except if the majority of retirees start increasing their payments for health benefits and take up bigger deductibles and co-pays.

Even though the risk of a municipal bankruptcy remains until the case is resolved, Flint got a temporary relief last week when it was allowed to apply cuts for the current fiscal year budget. Although city officials conveyed relief, it has not been resolved whether the municipality can alter the health care benefits of retirees.

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