Flight Attendants Approve New Contract with American Airlines

by San Antonio Attorney

The flight attendants of American Air elected to accept a new deal offered by the airline, which seeks to save money in bankruptcy.

The outcome that was unveiled on Sunday had shown that the flight attendants approved the offer by 59.5 percent to 40.5 percent, the Association of Professional Flight Attendants said.

Through the voting of American Air’s offer, which contains a number of compromises, the attendants have prevented the possibility that American Air would ask for further cutbacks in bankruptcy court.

The leaders of the union pressed very hard during the last days for ratification. The union told the airline company that 2,000 flight attendants will take unpaid leave of absence if the company refused the deal.

According to the spokesman of American Airlines, the acceptance of the deal, even though it was not easy for the flight attendants, was a significant step of progress in the airline’s reorganization.

The airline has now new contracts with the flight attendants, mechanics and other workers who are members of the union. The pilots have turned down the company’s recent offer.

In a statement released by the union of flight attendants, their acceptance of the deal does not mean that they support the executives of the airline. They are blaming the present management for the bad situation.

They said that the most effective solution for American Air is merging with US Airways Group, Inc., which has been proposing for a merger with the American Air’s parent company AMR.

A few months ago, unions for pilots, flight attendants, and ground crews approved the provisional agreements with US Airways, in case of a merger.

When the pilots turned down the new contract offer, AMR requested the bankruptcy judge to toss out the present contract and asked for further spending cutbacks.

Under the federal law, a company can void union agreements provided that they convince a bankruptcy judge that they need it for the recovery of the company.

The new contract with the flight attendants will lessen the company’s spending by $195 million annually. There vote was participated by 12,570 flight attendants, which is about 93 percent of them.

The new contract is still subject to the approval of the bankruptcy court.


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