Farmington City Officials Discuss Impact of Red Lion Hotel’s Foreclosure

by San Antonio Attorney

People who drive along Scott Avenue in Farmington can see “Close” signs on the doors and windows of Red Lion Hotel.

The hotel is in foreclosure that is why it is closed, the city officials said.

Red Lion, which has a total of 92 rooms, was previously called Best Western Inn, but its name was altered in 2012 after a major renovation, according to reports.

Last year, Red Lion Hotels Corp. entered a franchise deal with Chandler Hotel Group, headquartered outside of Arizona.  Chandler Hotel Group officials said the Farmington Red Lion Hotel is currently run by First Capital Real Estate Advisors.

The Riverwalk Patio and Grille, an extension of the Red Lion, was also closed.

During one of their work sessions, Mayor Tommy Roberts questioned the director of administrative services Andy Mason about the fund being allocated for the scheduled Farmington Civic Center renovation given that Red Lion Hotel has already shuttered.

Farmington is spending funds that come from a $2.50 nightly fee shouldered by every guest who checks in a hotel room in the city to fund the civic center remodeling.  Roberts was concerned that the closure of Red Lion could blow that fund.  The admin services department is expected to provide answers to the city council during its upcoming meeting.

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