Family Featured in ‘Extreme Makeover: Home Edition’ Files for Chapter 11 Bankruptcy

by San Antonio Attorney

India Dickinson, who appeared in “Extreme Makeover: Home Edition”, said they are not one of those horror stories about the show despite their family’s recent Chapter 11 bankruptcy filing.

According to her, the higher utility bills and taxes that they incurred after the makeover in 2011 were not factors of their financial problems.

In an interview she said the house was big blessing to their family and they don’t intend to sell the house.

But other there were other families who were featured on the television show that suffered foreclosures or found it hard to sell renovated homes with valuations that very much out-price the properties surrounding them.

And while the family’s electricity bill has increased significantly, their new home will allow them to add new member to their family.

Dickinson reluctantly said that the bankruptcy forced them to decide to become foster parents because they could afford it.  She said they have been praying for it for the past two years.

Her two children now live in Virginia, and so the family wants to share the big space to those in need.

Chapter 13 bankruptcy is also called a “wage earners plan.” Debtors with a regular income are required to make a three- to five-year debt repayment plan.

The main advantage of Chapter 13 bankruptcy is that people can protect their homes from creditors.  As long as a homeowner makes timely mortgage payments in accordance to the repayment schedule, foreclosure can be avoided.

Bill Dickinson said their house was never at risk of foreclosure, but he was delinquent for two months when he filed for Chapter 13 bankruptcy last October.

Court papers reveal the Dickinsons still owes around $143,000 on their house, and that they have $3,500 outstanding balance at the time they filed for bankruptcy.


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