Eminem Not Ready to Release 2016 Album Due to Bankruptcy?

by San Antonio Attorney

Eminem’s upcoming album has not been released, and some are speculating that the reason behind the delay is the rapper’s issues with money.  His last album was album was released three years ago.

The “Rap God” singer has always been included in the list of highest earners in the music industry, ranking 85th in top 100 of Forbes in the last roll.

But in the latest Forbes list, Eminem did not make it fueling a speculation that he is not doing well financially.  Even so, there has been no confirmation about the assumption that he is facing bankruptcy.

In addition, one possible reason why he was not found in the list is because he only had a few shows since this year started.  Some also say that the delay of his latest album could be due to Eminem’s other obligations.  It has been reported that he is currently involved in other projects, like his “Shady Wars” application.

The “The Real Slim Shady” rapper was also reported to be partnering with StockX, which is a buy and sell application exclusive for sneakers.  He also produced and wrote original music for Joe Carnahan’s “Narc” TV series.  There are also reports about Eminem’s collaborations with Shawn Mendez and 50 Cent.

The release date of Eminem’s newest music recording compilation may not be certain, but fans keep on entertaining the possibility that the renowned rapper will simply surprise them soon with his 2016 album’s announcement.

Considering the different business ventures of Eminent, it is obvious that the story about his financial problems is just a rumor.

There are many famous entertainers who have filed for bankruptcy.  But despite having a lot of debt, these people certainly never looked like they were having any money problems.  Usually, they file for bankruptcy to discharge their debts and avoid paying their creditors.

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