Electricians’ Union Files Involuntary Bankruptcy against Truland Systems

by San Antonio Attorney

Truland Systems, an electric company based in Reston, suddenly stopped its operations. The electricians’ union filed an involuntary Chapter 7 bankruptcy against the company, hoping liquidate its assets and get their unpaid wages.

Court papers filed give little information into the finances of Truland. The employees are expecting to get around $1 million from the liquidation.

After the abrupt shut down, the emotional impact of being let go from their work is still very much felt by hundreds of workers. They were shortly notified through an email on Sunday not to work anymore the following day. Some of them showed up but they were told to go home.

Employees were reassured that they would receive payments within a few days. They did not get their final pay yet. Some employees have not received their pay for two weeks.

Truland’s big customers include the NASA Data Center and Nationals Park. When the company closed, they were still working to upgrade Metro’s Orange Line.

Around 100 of Truland’s workers were also focusing on Inova Fairfax Hospital’s newest project, though Inova has said that workers of the electric company were no longer on site.

Former employer Roger Jacobus said he worked in the company for 16 years but did not even get a thank you note for the length of his service.

There were electricians who worked a long shift last Saturday, and were expecting to get an overtime pay.

The electricians who are now out of work are hoping to find employment soon.

Many of the workers are the bread winners for their families. This means that a lot of families are going to have a hard time paying for their mortgage, basic utilities and food. The company’s sudden shut down deeply dismayed the workers as well their families as well.

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