Electric Motorbike Maker Accuses Apple Car Project of Pirating Important Employees Thus Resulting to Bankruptcy

by San Antonio Attorney

Mission Motors, an electric motorbike start-up company blamed its bankruptcy on Apple’s electric car project, who pirated their essential workers away from them.

Apple is deemed to be working on an electric car under the codename Project Titan.  This evolution of technology is worked on by a team of engineers who were previously connected to major car companies such as Ford and Mercedes-Benz.

Mission Motors was formed in 2007 and was proclaimed as the Tesla of the electric motorbike world.  The company eventually stopped trading in May after its top engineers transferred to Apple.  The company was in complete shambles when majority of their employees had left their company.

Derek Kaufman, the former chief executive of Mission Motors, verbalized that Apple already knew its objectives when they poached Mission Motors’ former employees.

The chief executive elucidated that Apple’s recruiters started to recruit their workers when Mission Motors was trying to raise funds.

Apple’s new recruits that came from Mission Motors were: Nancy Sun, Mission’s vice president of electrical engineering, Mark Sherwood, director of powertrain systems, and Eyal Cohen, vice president of software and electrical engineering, according to Reuters.

The talent and creativity of these former employees gave Apple an advantage particularly expertise in hardware and software for electric drive systems.  In addition, algorithms for battery charging and cooling were other enhanced features.

Other employees ventured for open positions in Harley Davidson and Tesla.

Apple is not the only one poaching employees to get ahead of the game.  Apple and Tesla have been pulling at each other’s ropes for months as they hire talented employees from each company.

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