Duro Textiles’ Buildings in Fall River to Be Foreclosed in 30 Days

by San Antonio Attorney

Duro Textiles, which unexpectedly closed down its factories in August leaving 157 people jobless, has been considered abandoned by the building inspectors, permitting the administration to accelerate foreclosure process.

The textile company owes $318,243 in unpaid taxes and overdue sewer and water fees on four buildings.

That was based on the most recent figure revealed by the administration on the company’s property at Chace St., two properties at Globe Mills Ave., and at Middle St.  with a boost from the around $225,000 amount the administration projected earlier.

According to City Administrator Cathy Ann Viveiros, they are preparing to proceed with the foreclosure of the four properties.

Attorney Matthew Thomas, the lawyer who handles issues on the city’s tax collection and property, said he provided the building owners with copies of inspection report that declared the buildings as abandoned.  The owners have 30 days to take action.

After 30 days, Thomas said they will have the power to start the foreclosure process.

Without the abandonment declaration, the city must wait 6 months before it can start the process.

Factory workers found out they were laid off from the company in July and without word of warning.

The city mayor is concern about the displaced workers who have been receiving assistance from Fall River Career Center.

There is an interested buyer for the property.  The city is continuously working with the owners.

Duro’s Chief Executive Officer is Stewart Little and the Chief Financial Officer is Frank Tarantino.

Apart from taking tours in the structures, the city’s Fire Department is also involved.

According to Thomas, the fire department and building inspectors have several concerns, but an accord with the city retains the utilities and keeps security alarms and fire safety systems working.

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