Do I Need a San Antonio Attorney

by San Antonio Attorney

If you are asking whether or not you need a San Antonio attorney, it is reasonable to assume that you are facing some kind of legal process. Ultimately, you need to decide, but when you consider that the initial consultation with any attorney is free, you might as well take at least that first step. There is nothing like being informed to help you decide what to do.

Make a few calls, set up an appointment with an attorney and have that initial consultation. However, this first meeting will be most productive if you think carefully about what your problem is, what you expect to get out of engaging an attorney and how much you expect to pay. So the message here is the old boy scout motto, be prepared.

If you are considering filing bankruptcy, the decision whether to use an attorney or not needs to be based on two points: what chapter you should file and how complicated your case is likely to be. If you are considering bankruptcy for the first time, you may not know what chapter is best for you. You can do some background reading. There is a lot of information on the internet and much of it is clear and straightforward.

Once you are aware of a few bankruptcy basics, you are in a good position to make maximum use of that initial consultation. It need not be just a meet and greet. In fact, if the attorney you have chosen to start with is not willing to begin to discuss your case, you may be advised to keep looking.

Chapter 7 is known as a ‘liquidation’ approach and is suitable for someone with consumer debt problems and insufficient income to manage to reduce the debt. Discharge under chapter 7 means you are free of that debt burden and can resume your life, but expect some loss of property. How much this will be depends on what exemptions are available to you. If you have little property and a lot of consumer debt, you may be able to file without an attorney assuming you are not intimidated by the process. If you are reluctant to handle the paper work, it may be worth engaging an attorney.

Chapter 13 is for people with a regular income that is sufficient for them to trade their way out of debt given the type of assistance available through filing bankruptcy. In this case, you should seriously consider engaging the services of an attorney.

Chapter 11 is really for businesses and tends to be a lengthy and complicated process requiring legal assistance.

Each bankruptcy chapter has its own set of benefits and obligations, so how these mesh with your needs is what you will want advice on. You should be able to get that basic information in the initial consultation. Then you can make an informed decision.

Should you be facing another problem where legal representation would be beneficial, follow the same advice: be as clear as possible about what your problem is and what you expect. If there is documentary evidence to hand, have it with you.

The amount of clarity you can provide on the issue impacts the amount of advice the San Antonio attorney can give you.

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